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April 2018 


Summary of Feedback Exhibition 
26 January 2018

On Wednesday 24 January the team held a Summary of Feedback exhibition at Enoch House. Residents could view the feedback we have received so far during our listening period, find out the next steps in the consultation process and ask the team any questions about the regeneration of ‘The Centre’.

To download the exhibition boards on display at the exhibition please click here.

Third Edition of the Greenstead Centre Newsletter 
16 January 2018
The third edition of our Greenstead Centre Engagement Newsletter has now been delivered to residents and businesses in and surrounding 'The Centre'. 

The newsletter invites you to attend our ‘Summary of Feedback’ exhibition at Enoch House, Hawthorne Ave, Colchester, CO4 3LH on Wednesday 24 January between 4:15pm and 6:45pm. The exhibition will be a great opportunity to view the feedback we have received so far. The newsletter includes a survey that can be completed and delivered to us at the exhibition or can be posted back using our freepost address. To download a PDF copy of the newsletter please click here.


Second Edition of the Greenstead Centre Newsletter 

20 December 2017 

The second edition of our Greenstead Centre Engagement Newsletter has now been delivered to residents and businesses in and surrounding 'The Centre'. 

The newsletter features summaries of the consultation events we have held over the last couple of a months and an overview of some of the feedback we have received so far. To download a PDF copy of the newsletter please click here



Feedback from local community groups

13 December 2017

Over the last week team members from Colchester Borough Council have met with community groups within ‘The Centre’, including Greenstead Youth Club and Elsie Rae ‘Shine & Play’. We have met with these groups to listen to their valued ideas and feedback in order to help design the proposed options for ‘The Centre’ of Greenstead Estate. We have summarised our key findings below.  

Greenstead Youth Club: What could be improved/included in ‘The Centre’:

  • The children who attend the Greenstead Youth Club were interested in the incorporation of indoor skate facilities. This would allow the kids to use the facilities in all weather conditions. They would like ramps with foam pits so that they could safely practice trick jumps.
  • All would welcome the chance to have some action play equipment, for example an obstacle course or equipment you can make and arrange yourselves.
  • Cycle storage in ‘The Centre’.
  • Other suggestions included more activities run through the Community Centre including; first aid training for young people, outdoor adventure training and better organised sporting activities.  

Elsie Rae ‘Shine & Play’ group: What could be improved/included in ‘The Centre’:

  • Mums of the and Elsie Rae ‘Shine & Play’ group felt that there should be a community newsletter or activity guide that highlighted all the clubs and activities in the area so that new mums need not feel isolated.
  • Some mums wondered whether putting facilities into one building might improve the situation in terms of allowing you to do many things in the one place. Then benefiting from doing several things in one trip, and also meeting more people and forming new friendships.

Over the next few weeks we will continue to meet with community groups as well as businesses based in ‘The Centre’. We will keep our ‘News’ page up-to-date with feedback we receive.



Design Workshops: Key Findings 
11 December 2017 

Over the past two weeks we have held design workshops for local residents and stakeholders of ‘The Centre’. The workshops have been organised as part of our ‘listening period’ to help us find out what you like/dislike about ‘The Centre’ and how you would like it improved.

The workshops were interactive sessions where residents could share their ideas on how they would like to see ‘The Centre’ of Greenstead positively changed. The design team will use the ideas and comments shared during the workshops to help design improvements for ‘The Centre’.

Several discussions were brought forward at the workshops, including current issues, what works well for local people and what could be improved in ‘The Centre’. Some of our key findings from the workshops are as follows:

Current Issues:

  • Poor lighting
  • Lack of signage
  • No publicly accessible toilets
  • Services are disjointed

What works well for local people:

  • Library
  • Social Club
  • Pharmacy

What could be improved in ‘The Centre’:

  • More shared facilities: creation of a “Community Hub”
  • Better publicity on what’s going on
  • Better lighting and security measures
  • More attractive buildings
  • Inclusion of a Post Office
  • Inclusion of publicly accessible toilets

These are just a few of the comments and ideas raised during our workshops; we will be holding a ‘Summary of Feedback’ event in early 2018 where you will be able to learn out more about our findings and our next steps in improving ‘The Centre’.


 Photograph taken from resident design workshop 

Resident Trip to Woodberry Down, Hackney 

28 November 2017 

On Saturday 25 November, local residents along with team members visited Woodberry Down in Hackney. Woodberry Down is an estate which has seen recent regeneration improvements. The trip was organised to help residents see how estate regeneration can be successfully delivered, helping to inspire ideas for what residents want delivered in ‘The Centre.’

During the visit residents were guided by team members from Colchester Borough Council and Genesis Housing Association around the site. During the walk, certain themes such as public space improvements, modernised residential blocks, and more and improved community facilities were discussed for ‘The Centre’.

The visit ended with a talk from Simon Donovan  (CEO of Manor House Development Trust) who spoke about the development of The Redmond Community Centre, explaining how local residents have been actively involved in the redevelopment of the facility. Simon also spoke about the overall success of the project and the various awards the estate has been awarded. It was agreed by the residents that the regeneration of the estate was inspiring and gave them ideas for what could be delivered for ‘The Centre’.

We want your views, so if you are a local resident and would like to get involved in sharing your ideas for ‘The Centre’ please come along to either of our resident workshops being held next week.

Resident Design Workshop 1

When: Monday 4 December 10:00am – 12:00pm

Where: Greenstead Community Centre, Hawthorn Avenue, Colchester, CO4 3QE

Resident Design Workshop 2

When: Thursday 7 December 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Where: 121 Forest Road Meeting Hall, Forest Road, Colchester, CO4 3XG

Have your views on ‘The Centre’ heard by giving us feedback on the 'Have your say' page. 


Photographs taken on resident trip to Woodberry Down, Hackney. 

First Residential-Led Walk
15 November 2017 

On Tuesday 14 November, local residents along with team members met to discuss ‘The Centre’ in context. The walk started at the Greenstead Community Centre, and followed along the perimeter of the site lasting approximately one hour. As part of the listening period, the team allowed the residents to lead the walk, spending as much time as they wanted at each part of the site.

Residents stopped and highlighted specific concerns about the site directly to the team including members from Colchester Borough Council, KCA Architects, and Your Shout.

During the walk, certain themes such as safety, design, lighting, and signage arose. The site was described by residents as uninviting, tired, lacking safety precautions such as CCTV and adequate lighting at night. Residents also commented on what they liked about the site, including the function of the Social Club and facilities provided by the housing office. 

It was suggested that The Centre needs to become a destination that is safe and accessible for the local community.  

Have your views on ‘The Centre’ heard by giving us feedback on the ‘Have your say’ page. 



Photographs taken from the walk



 Calling all kids...

26 October 2017 

We are calling all kids who live in The Centre or who live nearby to get involved in our exciting drawing competition. 

We want children to draw their favourite thing about Colchester. To take part, all you need to do is draw your favourite thing - this maybe be the parks, your school, the castle or your own home. The drawings can be as big and colourful as you like. We will be using your drawings to decorate the hoarding if work commences.

The child who has submitted the best drawing will be announced in the last edition of our newsletter in early 2018. The winner will recieve a new Kindle E-reader.

Please send in your drawings to our Freepost address:
Greenstead Centre
Your Shout,107 Southbank House,
Black Prince Road, London SE1 7SJ

or e-mail them to us at

If you would like your drawing returned please include a self-addressed envelope with your competition submission.

First Edition of the Greenstead Centre Engagement Newsletter 

25 October 2017 

The first issue of our Greenstead Centre Engagement Newsletter has now been delivered to residents and businesses in and surrounding The Centre. 

The newsletter features details of our consultation events for how you can get involved and our children's drawing competition. To download a PDF copy of the newsletter please click here.